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Monthly Archives: November 2018

True Thanksgiving

“This is my body…” breathes the priest as he raises the host to show the world the Body of Christ. A moment in time repeated all around the world each day bringing grace, healing, hope and salvation to those who present themselves to receive Him. It is a moment that pulls us up out of the world and into His loving embrace and gives our lives true purpose and meaning. It is a moment that has the power to heal […]

Meeting the living God in the New Mexico desert

I remember looking out the airplane window marveling at the huge rock formations that seemed to shoot forth from the expansive red sand below, and wondering what this new adventure would bring. Such a barren land – strikingly similar to Jordan and other areas of the Middle East that I’d visited – right here in the United States. Below me was New Mexico. It might as well have been Mars. My wife Alicia was tagging along on the trip, content […]

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