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An extraordinary ordination in NYC

As the sun slowly rose on Manhattan sending its rays into the dark corridors between the skyscrapers, a familiar scene was unfolding before the massive doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. Scores of people dressed in their finest clothes scurried across the sidewalk with smiling eyes and tense laughter, exchanging hugs and warm words of welcome as they made their way into “America’s parish church.”

The day is Saturday, May 26, 2018. And on this day, before parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends and family, nine men would lay their lives down in the service of the Gospel to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church.

“I just want one picture of me vesting my brother …” said Fr. Innocent Montgomery C.F.R. moments before the procession began. Fr. Innocent was speaking of his twin brother, Br. Angelus Immaculata Montgomery C.F.R., who was among those to be ordained. Twin brothers would soon be twin priests…


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