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Meeting the living God in the New Mexico desert

I remember looking out the airplane window marveling at the huge rock formations that seemed to shoot forth from the expansive red sand below, and wondering what this new adventure would bring. Such a barren land – strikingly similar to Jordan and other areas of the Middle East that I’d visited – right here in the United States.

Below me was New Mexico. It might as well have been Mars.

My wife Alicia was tagging along on the trip, content to give me the space I needed to do the work I had to do, which included researching and photographing the Catholic outreach to the Navajo Nation as well as shooting a wedding for a good friend of mine. We would be travelling to the city of Gallup, in the foothills of the Navajo Nation in McKinley County, one of the poorest places in the United States.

On our first day, which happened to be July 4, we set about …

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