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Thank you for visiting the site; I’m a re-vert to the Catholic Faith and a photo and media guy. The focus of the work I do is to present the Church, her Mission and Life, to the world; to bring the reality of what the Church is and how God is Alive in and through her to people who may never have set foot in church building or have never had an encounter with Christ. There are countless stories to tell through words, but imagery has a way of opening the eyes of Faith in a person that transcends language and can invite without being confrontational. It’s provocative, honest and real.

Imagery is Important

The use of strong images for any periodical, blog, or website can add a level of dialogue and impact that cannot be understated and it is for this reason that I have embraced this vocation and am a passionate advocate for this.

Evangelization Through Imagery

I am constantly seeking projects and opportunities to bring stories to life, and if you have something important that you would like say, an event, a Ministry or Mission that you feel would be advanced through imagery I would love to speak with you. My vocation is to bring these things to life.

Through the years many people have supported me in this Mission and I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of them, most especially, Karna Swanson-Lozoya from Catholic University, Jesus Colina from Aleteia and ZENIT, Chris Bell at Good Counsel Homes, John Woods at Catholic New York, Vik Van Brantegem, Liz Malcolm from EWTN,

The Community of Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, The Knights of Columbus, The Missionaries of Charity, Elizabeth Scalia, Lino Rulli The Catholic Guy, ALL of the great people in the Diocese of Trenton at the Monitor especially Rayanne Bennett, who unbeknownst to her, gave me my first shooting job in Catholic media...and the NYPD Press Office has my grateful appreciation for their help through the years.

Also a very special thanks to those who have published the work, Aleteia, Catholic News Agency, The Associated Press, NBC, ABC57, The US Army, The National Review, National Catholic Register, Columbia Magazine, Trenton Monitor, EWTN, Boston Globe, Entrepreneur Magazine, Patheos, Yale University, Catholic Press Association, The Catholic Sun, The Catholic Sentinel, Catholic New York,  The New York Post, Sirius/XM, Shutterstock, Salon, SONY Records, Polygram Records, The Huffington Post, Catholic News Service, Denver Catholic, CatholicPhilly, The Vatican Press Office and countless others. Thank you!

For gear and technical support the great people at Nikon Professional Services, Lowepro, Borrowlenses, Photoshelter and FlashClinic (RIP) who helped me out more than they'll ever really know.

Jeffrey Bruno is a NYC based freelance photographer/media consultant who works nationally and internationally covering events, people and stories for Catholic media and causes in the spirit of ‘Evangelization through Imagery’, to present the Beauty, Mystery and Mission of the Church on earth to inspire, educate and inform. 

He lives with his wife of 25 years, 2 crazy kids, too many cats and a large dog in dilapidated civil war era house by the shore. If you have any questions about hiring or firing him, he can be reached at or (347) 982-6106

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