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Exploring the oldest church in the world

Gentle sea breezes filled with the scent of salt air drift across the ancient port city of Aqaba in Jordan as the sun set low in the sky. The gleeful screams of playing children rise from the ruins of what is believed to be the world’s oldest intentionally built church, striking a curious contrast between the past and the present. Aqaba, called Elath and Aila in ancient times, located on the northeastern tip of the Red Sea on the Gulf of […]

The crazy adventure of filming Jesus’ baptismal site with a drone

“Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use a drone at the baptism site due to its proximity to the Israeli border,” said the voice on the other end of the line. And that was that, or so we thought. Members of the Aleteia Video and Image department were leaving for Jordan to capture footage and stills for several upcoming productions, and at the heart of this was the perhaps the unrealistically optimistic hope that a drone could be used for […]

Padre Pio brings Christ’s mercy to NYC

September in Little Italy is one of the most festive and anticipated times of the year for New Yorkers. It’s the Feast of San Gennaro. What began over a hundred years ago within the Italian immigrant community as a simple Mass and procession to celebrate the Feast Day of their beloved patron has grown into a full-blown celebration of everything Italian. It’s a time when street vendors and store owners squeeze together on Mulberry Street, with tables and grills making […]

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