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The Feast of the Holy Innocents on the streets of NYC

As the darkness of night gave way to the dawning day on the streets of New York City, stormy skies opened and a gentle rain began to fall. The city streets, slick with rain, reflected the falling footsteps of those shaking off their sleepiness and making their way to the places people go on a dreary Friday morning.

But this Friday would be unlike most Fridays for those on their regular morning commute: Subway cars filled with the flowing white and blue, blue and gray, and gray and black habits of a sea of nuns, making their own way to a destination deep within the heart of the city. Friendly faces adorned with veils would greet the early morning straphangers on this day.

The day was the Feast of the Holy Innocents, a commemoration harkening back to the tragic slaughter of innocent children killed by a king so desperately clinging to power that he made the streets of Bethlehem run red with their blood…

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