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What no one wants you to know about the pro-life movement

Cardinal O’Connor shook his finger at reporters and said “You’re all here, you’re here to print anything I say that might be controversial, that might sell newspapers, but week after week I make a promise, that the institutions of the Archdiocese of New York will help any woman with an unplanned pregnancy … and you never print that … you say we hate women … but you never, ever print (about) our merciful outreach …”

This quote from the homily at the Prayer Vigil for Life at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City on the eve of the passage of the ‘Reproductive Health Act’,  by Fr. Veras remains as true today as it was in early 1990s when Cardinal O’Connor said these words.

This absence of awareness has created a vacuum from which a false opinion emerged, giving rise to an argument grounded in ignorance that many pro-choice advocates employ when challenging those in pro-life movement. It’s an argument not created by misinformation, but out of omission…

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